Aaron Faber Gallery to Host 14 of Québec’s Most Celebrated Jewelry Artists
Innovation and Craftsmanship in Metal:  Jewelry Artists of Québec Exhibition

NEW YORK, 23 March 2012:  The celebration of artistry and creativity is as ingrained in the culture of Québec as it is a calling card for New York City.  It was thus inevitable that such a shared principle would lead to the upcoming exhibition, “Innovation and Craftsmanship in Metal:  Jewelry Artists of Québec”, opening at Aaron Faber Gallery, 666 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY on Thursday, May 3, 2012.  Ongoing through May 26, 2012, the exhibition will feature fourteen of Québec’s most talented jewelry artists, and their extraordinary maneuverings in precious and semi-precious metals and stones. 

Debuting in its first year at Aaron Faber Gallery, Jewelry Artists of Québec offers both trade and consumers a glimpse of  highly original works of jewelry artistry using precious and semi-precious stones and metals.  The fourteen participating Québecois artists have audaciously redefined conventional approaches to jewelry design, with each artist’s viewpoint quite distinctly their own.

  • While Claudio Pino’s kinetic movement rings are painstakingly designed to do more than just adorn a finger, Matthieu Cheminee bestows young, fresh life to old, discarded jewelry in a recycled kaleidoscope of sculptural virtuosity. 
  • As Janis Kerman entices us to see the beauty in opposites and asymmetrical balance, Laurie Dansereau invites us to become one with nature as her floral necklaces garnish décolletages in a splendor of anthers and petals in sterling silver and exotic woods. 
  • And as Jean-Pierre Gauvreau’s rings capture the grand pursuits of the most genius architects, Pierre-Yves Paquette uses the ancient art of mokume gane to harmonize various hues of gold and silver into a visually stunning crescendo.

A private breakfast for Press, Bloggers and Buyers will be held at Aaron Faber Gallery the morning of Thursday, May 3, 2012, where each may personally interact with the Jewelry Artist.  A private reception will be held later that evening.  Please contact The Lilian Raji Agency at jewelryquebec@lmrpr.com to receive an invitation.

The general public will be able to view and purchase from the featured collections daily, with special requests available through Aaron Faber Gallery after the exhibition concludes.

The Exhibition is brought in partnership with the Québec Government Office in New York and SODEC, the Québec government body that matches the passion of artistic creation with the power of economic development; providing cultural enterprises with solutions designed to nurture Québec artists and promote the production, distribution and exportation of their work.

For additional information on the exhibition, including detailed information and images from participating artists, please visit http://JewelryofQuebec.lmrpr.com or contact The Lilian Raji Agency at (646) 789-4427.

About Aaron Faber Gallery
Aaron Faber Gallery was founded in 1974 to present the work of studio jewelers, those artists creating one-of-a-kind jewels that are inspired by creativity and originality, made in the artist’s studio and imbued with the artist’s spirit, concept and style.

The gallery, owned by Edward and Patricia Faber, opened its current location on West 53rd Street down the block from the Museum of Modern Art in 1977, where its contemporary interior is the backdrop for changing exhibitions by studio jewelers as well as permanent collections by the gallery’s artist group.

SODEC is a government corporation that reports to the Quebec Minister of Culture, Communications and the Status of Women. It supports the production and dissemination of Québec culture in the field of cultural industries. Since 1995, SODEC resolutely pursues its mandate to promote and support the establishment and development of cultural enterprises, including the media, in all regions of Quebec.

SODEC is a bridge between the creative and business communities and facilitates interaction between the two. SODEC brings together the passion of artistic creation with the power of economic development and provides cultural enterprises with a range of solutions designed to nurture Québec creators and promote the production, distribution and exportation of their work. 


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